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We are preparing to film our second official  music video for the song Images of The Convent. You can help us make all of this possible, all contributions are welcome. There will be 4 tiers for the contributions for the music video

1.- The first and lowest tier will start at $5, You will receive Darling Dead buttons and stickers.

2.- The second tier starts at $10. In addition to receiving Darling Dead buttons and stickers, you will receive exclusive behind the scenes video and pictures. 

3.- The second tier starts at $20. In the addition the what's received for tiers 1 and 2, you will receive a video chat with members of Darling Dead.

4.- Our highest and more important tier will start at $30. This means you will have all the previous privileges plus you will also get your name immortalized in the credits of the second album which we will begin recording in 2021!

You all are always welcome to contribute with any amount of money you desire. You can do all this right here on our website.  Thank you so much for all your support and remember to like and share with all of your friends!

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Open Music Video Contribution
  • Open Music Video Contribution

Open Music Video Contribution

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Open Music Video Contribution

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Open contribution to go towards filming of music video. Any amount is welcome!

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For how long will the campaign run? 

The campaign will be running until January or until our goal of $2000 is reached.

When will I receive the items from my contribution? 

Dispensed items will coincide with the video release in late winter or spring of 2021. Calls with band members will be arranged according to schedule. 

What if I want to contribute but don't want to do the tier contributions?

You can contribute any amount your would like starting from $1.