1. Bats

From the recording Bats


Come now my sweet it's time for you to sleep
In my abyss you will fall so deep
I am the one that encapsulates your dreams
As I provide all your terror and your screams
You try to run but it is much too late
You realize that you must except your fate
You called for darkness it is all that you desire
You weren't careful you shouldn't play with fire
Conjuring demons now I have arrived
Your plan for evil was so very contrived
You are so foolish you thought it was a game
But now your life will never be the same

Release the bats that are scattered in your brain
All of the blood the bats will slowly drain
Release the bats that are driving you insane
Release the bats and then release your pain

Release your pain
Release your pain
Release your pain (female)
Release your pain
Release the bats

Your taste for blood makes you take so many lives
You like to play with your razors and your knives
The bodies stack your lust makes you engage
The kill's your theater the murder is your stage
The sun goes down you can't close your eyes
Insanity consumes you this can't be denied
I am the one that pushed you off the ledge
You should have never got so close to the edge
My sweet the time has come for this to end
I must guide you as I'm your only friend
The blade must turn it's time for blood to spill
Your own demise will be your final thrill