Darling Dead was formed in Los Angeles, CA when four degenerates with a love of their vampire ways crossed paths and thought it would be a great idea to form a band. The early songs were in the vein of glam/punk with a goth influence. Following a long hiatus, the band got together in 2018 to work on new material in the goth/industrial/metal realm.

Darling Dead has adopted the term Black Autumn Core to describe the blend of post-punk, darkwave, modern metal, metalcore, industrial, black metal and aggrotech influencing the songs produced. 

Following a few lineup changes the band now consists of original members Brandi Kates Mitternacht, Johnny Astro and newer members Raven Crimson Angel and Felix Duenas. Darling Dead is finishing the recording of their debut album, Hollywood's Most Hated. You are welcomed to check the band out live and listen to the music. Sign up to the mailing list for details on upcoming live dates and future releases. Here's to a debaucherous and dark future! Hope to see you there!!