Darling Dead

Black Autumn Core

Darling Dead is a band originally from Los Angeles, CA currently based in Orlando, FL. They look to stimulate and disturb your senses. Escaping the shadows, Darling Dead blends the styles of post punk, industrial, modern metal and black metal to form what they call Black Autumn Core. The band consists of Brandi Kates Mitternacht on vocals, Johnny Astro on bass, Statik and Raven Crimson on guitar, Angie Bishton on synth/keyboards and Kerri Kristen on drums. With musical and lyrical content coming from the darker side of life and a visual image to reinforce the output, Darling Dead is the perfect mechanism for the melancholy, aggression, rage and dark times that permeate society, with an attitude that says fuck you to those that can’t appreciate it. The band has played shows throughout California and Florida in the US and Mexico. They have shared the stage with acts such as Wednesday 13, Genitorturers, 45 Grave, Vampires Everywhere!, Davey Suicide and Quiet Riot. Their debut album, Hollywood’s Most Hated, was released in June 2021 followed by the single, Bats, in April 2023. They plan to release an EP in early 2024 titled Vampiric Impressions. With a large amount of available material, Darling Dead plans to release their second full length album, Black Autumn Core, in late 2024. Welcome to the world of Darling Dead! Hoping you satisfy your darkest desires.